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Coucou à toi ! Ta besoin d'aide ? Regarde dans "Catégorie" tu peux trouvez ce que tu veux. Ah oui, j'ai 13 ans et merci de lire tout sa !

Parti anglais zoe !!!

Hey everyone! Zoë here💜 I'm glad I can write another article for this amazing blog💘 Today I'm gonna write about Clara Alonso❤ I'm writing about her because she is my idol and she's just soo perfect😂💜

María Clara Alonso, born on the 2nd of April in 1990. She's now 26. She grew up in Rosario, Argentina but moved to Buenos Aires when she was 18 for her acting career. She has two brothers.

Now, why I like Clari? She's amazing! She is so unique and herself❤ No one else could replace her💜 She's the most beautiful person I know, and probably even of the whole world😏 Her voice is INCREDIBLE and she can act so so good! If you don't know her and you read this, go search her on google cuz EVERYONE should know this wonderful woman! I've been a Clarinatica for almost two years now and I'm VERY proud to be one. She's my life, my queen, my world, my everything💜

I hope you liked this article, I'm not really a good writer😂🍀

Part 1 http://http://disneyblogchannel.over-blog.com/2016/04/parti-anglais-zoe-bates.html

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