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Coucou à toi ! Ta besoin d'aide ? Regarde dans "Catégorie" tu peux trouvez ce que tu veux. Ah oui, j'ai 13 ans et merci de lire tout sa !

Zoe bates Ce présentent

Hey everyone!

My name is Zoë Bates. You might know me from the youtube channel Zoë's Covers. On there I sing covers of Violetta and other songs. Would you like to know something about me? Well... I'm 13 years old. I live in the Netherlands with my mum, dad and little sister. I'm basically obsessed with Violetta and Clari Alonso. I'm also big fans of Katy Perry and Colleen Evans. Music is my life. I sing, write song, play piano and guitar and dance. I do it everyday cuz I just can't live without it. I've got great friends here. At the moment I'm single, but I don't really need a boyfriend right now.

I hope you'll go check out my cover channel or my vlog channel (Quirky Zooz) if you liked what I wrote here. And thank you Celia, for letting me write an article on your blog.

Love, Zoë💘

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